Typing Unicode

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 01:02:21 EDT 2014

On 10.04.2014 01:54, Graham Samuel wrote:
> Thanks Richmond, thought I'd get your interest! My need is only for something within my LC-scripted app. I think the palette keyboard would probably be the way to go. My current requirements are so modest that a very simple picking list will do for now (a palette with the required glyphs shown as images within little squares, so the user just clicks on the relevant square). But later, I may have to develop a whole keyboard. So, I'm interested in your keyboard and post-processing approach, but perhaps I shouldn't waste more of your time just yet, as my priorities seem to have suddenly swung in another direction.
> Thanks again.
> Graham
Sitting here with one of my pupils waiting for the teaching day to begin;
this evening I will send you "the horrible truth" :)

Best, Richmond.

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