posting to one web site from another

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Apr 9 20:51:01 EDT 2014

Hi folks,

Here's my problem:
My LC server code needs to post some items to certain page of another 
web site and actually go to that page in the process. I find that I can 
post to that page just fine, but then the urlResponse contains the 
rendered page (as you would expect). If I 'put' it, the page is 
displayed correctly in the browser but under the URL of my site. Not 
what I wanted! I want my data to be posted to the offsite page, and in 
response I want that page to show up in the user's browser under that 
page's correct URL.

I assume there's something I need to do with HTTP headers, but I don't 
quite know what. Or maybe not. However, I bet someone within the reach 
of this email often solves this kind of problem before breakfast, the 
way some people do puzzles or read the paper (do people still do that?).

Any direction you can offer will be received with much gratitude.

Phil Davis

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