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That is the default color.
After setting the link one can then change the color. like this...

set the textstyle of word x to y of line z of control "myfield " to "link"
set the textcolor of word x to y of line z of control "myfield" to "red"

The link still works.

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Folks I am looking for some advice.

I am trying to create a field that contains text that is dynamically filled
simulating the turning of pages.  Within that field I was planning to use
the link style for internal navigation within the book but I also need a
mechanism for the user to click on something else to control other
functions.   I had hoped to use links of different colors for different
functions but I have learned that links apply to the entire stack and are
all the same color.

What other options might be available to me?   Is it possible to detect that
an imagesource character has be clicked?   

Thanks in advance, 


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