Formatted text in a field.

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Wed Apr 2 17:44:54 EDT 2014

I am trying to understand how to manage formatted text in fields and I am missing something.  I have field “in” that contains a long page of formatted text that ultimately will be hidden.   I have another field “out” where I am trying to page the data from field “in” like pages of a book (no scrolling)

I thought I would loop thru the lines of field “in” from a starting_line and increase the ending_line until the formattedheight of lines stating_line to ending_line of field “in” > the height of field “out”.  Then back off the ending_line by 1.   I thought this would work, but it seems that I am not comparing the right things.

The height of field “out” seems to be less than what can actually be seen in field “in”.   The algorithm tells me that I can only fit 14 lines of data into field out, where i really can fit 24.

So, what am I missing?  I must not be comparing the correct things.   BTW, I have the fixed line height turned off for both fields.

Seperate from my comparison issue,  Is there a better technique to accomplish this paging operation?   Ultimately, I need to page both forward and backwards.

I appreciate any guidance that you all can provide.


on loadpage 
   put current_line + 1 into startline
   put startline  into endline
   put the number of lines in fld "in" into lastline
   put the height of fld "out" into max_height
   repeat until  endline > lastline
      put the formattedheight of line startline to endline of fld "in" into new_height
      if new_height >= max_height then
          put endline - 1 into endline
         put endline - 1 into lastline
         add 1 to endline 
      end if
   end repeat
   set the htmlText of fld "out" to the HtmlText of line startline to endline of fld "in"
   put endline into currentline
end loadpage

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