Firels as containers

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Apr 2 13:38:23 EDT 2014

On 4/2/14, 4:44 AM, Muaadh Salih wrote:
> What I can not undrstand is why it DOES work when :
> 1- save the stack scripte
> 2- close
> 3- open stack (from file menu without quiting LC )
>   while it DOES NOT  ( always goes to card one) when:
> 1- Save the stack scripte
> 2- Cose
> 3- Quit LC
> 4-Double click on stack  stack (from file menu without quiting live code )

The destroystack property of the stack is probably set to false, which 
is LiveCode's default setting. That means when the stack closes it is 
kept in RAM. When you re-open it, it will open in its previous state.

When you quit LiveCode and re-open the stack, it opens in the state it 
was last saved in. It sounds like the stack is not saved to disk before 
you quit LiveCode.

When you open the stack after launching LiveCode, what is in field 
"aaa"? Is it the correct card number?

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