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On 9/14/13 12:48 PM, Vaughn Clement wrote:

>   I proposed yesterday to add a Cloud app "My Codebook Pro v12" to be
> available for free to any LC user/s. Here this kind of script can be
> offered and amended by other developers to allow all users to benefit from
> the code. So far I have not heard any conversation pro or con about this
> offer.

Maybe because it's come up so many times in the past. I think there are 
already a couple of sites that started to do something similar but I 
didn't save the links. Maybe someone has those. The "User Samples" in 
LiveCode's toolbar was also intended to do something similar but it's a 
bit of a mish-mash.

Ken Ray's site is the one I use the most:

But that one is for more advanced LiveCoders. The issues you are facing 
are more about learning the language and syntax.

I wouldn't be at all against a system like you propose, it would 
probably be handy for new users. If you can merge your content with 
whatever else is out there, all the better.

> The LC help email's are such a good
> example of this in that they are people engaging in the discussion. But the
> email is gone soon after the reader reviews it.

This mailing list is archived in two places, and you can search it going 
back many years. These two sites have identical content but different 
presentations, use whichever one you like better:


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