Using a Datagrid as background?

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Wed Sep 11 09:18:33 EDT 2013

Guten tag Klaus,

Might be another way, but the following seems to do the trick :
You have to refresh your dataGrid after placing it.
In the inspector : button "Refresh Data Grid"
If it is by script then :
dispatch "ResetList" to grp "datagridName"

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Le 11 sept. 2013 à 14:23, Klaus major-k a écrit :

> Hi friends,
> I have the need for the same datagrid*** to appear on many cards.
> *** The datagrid will contain FIX data, and yes, it MUST be a datagrid!
> So I grouped my datagrid and placed it on some cards, but this did not work as exspected.
> The headers were empty or the text in the datagrid was not displayed although the dgtext was correct.
> I even set the "sharedtext" of the "Label field" in the dg template to true, but that did not change anything.
> So my question, is this (using a datagrid as background) officially supported or not?
> If yes, anything I need to take care of to make it work?
> If not I can stop trying and need to copy my datagrid to other cards, which is of course the opposite of the useful BG feature in Livecode.
> Thanks in advance!
> Best
> Klaus
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