Using a Datagrid as background?

Klaus major-k klaus at
Wed Sep 11 08:23:55 EDT 2013

Hi friends,

I have the need for the same datagrid*** to appear on many cards.
*** The datagrid will contain FIX data, and yes, it MUST be a datagrid!

So I grouped my datagrid and placed it on some cards, but this did not work as exspected.
The headers were empty or the text in the datagrid was not displayed although the dgtext was correct.

I even set the "sharedtext" of the "Label field" in the dg template to true, but that did not change anything.

So my question, is this (using a datagrid as background) officially supported or not?

If yes, anything I need to take care of to make it work?
If not I can stop trying and need to copy my datagrid to other cards, which is of course the opposite of the useful BG feature in Livecode.

Thanks in advance!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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