Problem with Simple Database lesson 18 from App_Academy_eBook

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Sep 7 05:40:38 EDT 2013

Hi David

I don't have the eBook in question (or maybe I do, but don't remember 
where it is :-), - so I'm slightly guessing ...

I guess (or at least hope) that the eBook builds the app - but didn't 
make a standalone from it.

The issue you have run into is that once a standalone is built, the main 
stack cannot be saved - hence "simple database" aps can't save their 
data.   There are various solutions - rather than give a too brief 
answer here, I'll point you to a well-written article about it:-)

-- Alex.

On 07/09/2013 07:04, David Milne wrote:
> I wonder whether any one can help me please?
> I tried out the "Simple Database" lesson 18 from the App_Academy_eBook.
> All was going well until I made a standalone version of "Simple Database"
> for Mac.
> Unfortunately, all additions or changes to the "Simple Database" are lost
> on closing the stand alone version and then opening it again.
> Not much use for a database application.
> It is a good thing that I did not tell anybody about it, and the power of
> LiveCode to make up a "Simple Database". They would all be laughing by now.
> Any advice about how to fix this demonstration program so that it is
> actually useful would be very much appreciated.
> As well as making a standalone of the "Simple Database" program, I had also
> made a standalone version of a slightly different version of that program,
> tailored to a little job I wanted to do, but both applications are
> disappointingly useless.
> Regards
> David Milne
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