Problem with Simple Database lesson 18 from App_Academy_eBook

David Milne dmilne at
Sat Sep 7 02:04:13 EDT 2013

I wonder whether any one can help me please?
I tried out the "Simple Database" lesson 18 from the App_Academy_eBook.
All was going well until I made a standalone version of "Simple Database"
for Mac.

Unfortunately, all additions or changes to the "Simple Database" are lost
on closing the stand alone version and then opening it again.
Not much use for a database application.

It is a good thing that I did not tell anybody about it, and the power of
LiveCode to make up a "Simple Database". They would all be laughing by now.

Any advice about how to fix this demonstration program so that it is
actually useful would be very much appreciated.

As well as making a standalone of the "Simple Database" program, I had also
made a standalone version of a slightly different version of that program,
tailored to a little job I wanted to do, but both applications are
disappointingly useless.

David Milne

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