Linux standalone created with MacOSX- how to set the executable flag permanently

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at
Thu Sep 5 07:38:30 EDT 2013

i am no Linux expert, although i started my career in the 80s in a company where we worked exclusively on Xenix and Unix. But that´s a long time ago.
So please excuse my question if it sounds dumbly.

I´ve created a Linux app on MacOSX. To get this app to run under Linux the customer has to set the "executable" flag for that app. 
I want to create a tar or tar.gz of that file with that flag already set. What steps are needed? Is it sufficient if i
set the flag on a Linux machine for that app and create a tar or tar.gz on that machine of that app? 

Or is it mandatory to set that flag on the customer machine?



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