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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Oct 28 19:54:31 EDT 2013

Hi Christer,

Christer Pyyhtiä wrote
> Again this looks to be one of the cases you need to get
> into  a tedious test app creation and see how it works
> with Android and iOS.
> [snip]
> So, stick to using the seconds and massage your own 
> preference time stamp is the only solution.  The only harmful 
> problem if not every day at least every week you will find yet 
> another inconsistency you need to do your own testing sequence 
> through to find how yet another LC function really works, with 
> the development system, Android and iOS.

If you look the archives of this LiveCode mail list,
you will find that many times, arises the idea of
creating a complete suite of test stacks that
runs in every platform supported and produce
results (including errors) of all commands, functions 
and properties with differents type of data and methods.

The idea is really good and just wait for every developer 
that works, play and learn in this platform.


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