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Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Mon Oct 21 16:59:10 CEST 2013

Update: I verified that the orbital mechanics are correct by using Kepler's
2nd law and comparing areas.

I also refactored a ton of code. It's *far* cleaner now, although not fully
tested to replace the original pile of spaghetti.


For me at least, the graphics are secondary to the functionality, which is
probably why I suck at graphics ;-)

I haven't really figured how far or in what direction to take this. For
this to reasonably extend in a direction Simple Rockets doesn't, I was
figuring to (in addition to the fact that all gravity is reasonably

 -- Make a reasonable facsimile of our solar system, including the sun, the
planets (including Pluto!) and many of the moons, along with asteroids and
comets to play with.
-- Allow for persistent state: creating and stocking the ISS (docking in
orbit), building a moon base or mars base, etc.
-- Allow for multiple drive types, including different rocket sizes, ion
drives, etc.
-- Handle atmosphere.
-- Handle landable/non-landable areas.
-- Have multiple solar systems to experiment in.
-- Handle super-dense objects like neutron stars and black holes -- how
closely can you skim the event horizon ;-)
-- Handle dynamic and static gravitational environments -- i.e. realistic,
where the most complex thing you're likely to see is a binary star; but
also completely bizarre environments where the bodies hang in space like
the mountains in Avatar.
-- Allow for user-designed solar systems.

I'm assuming there is no way something 3D-ish like is possible in rev, so seems like a more reasonable
target. That potentially means (off the top of my head): a space
background; planet surfaces of some sort; sky graphics of some sort;
various rocket parts. I'd probably go simpler than SR to make it easier to
display multiple environments -- Jupiter has >80 moons, doing graphics for
each of them would be a chore.

Kerbal Space Program is really cute because of the little kerbals that you
see as you launch/fly. That at least could be done in 2D I'm guessing.

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at>wrote:

> Hi Geoff,
> Geoff Canyon-4 wrote
> > [snip]
> > My graphics suck: planets are colored circles,
> > the ships are much smaller circles.
> > I'm doing housekeeping on the code right now,
> > but I'll post in the next day or two if anyone wants
> > a look or to collaborate. I'd love some nicer graphics.
> Hopefully, I could help with graphics.
> (I am counting with Xara and Gimp) :D
> What kind of graphics?
> In which size?
> Bitmaps, Vectors or both?
> Al
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