When is a pointer tool not a pointer tool?

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Tue Oct 15 09:56:58 EDT 2013

This is probably related to an outstanding bug (11183, recently reopened) but I can't understand what's going on:

On a desktop all upder development, I have a card with some graphics on it, drawn by the user using various tools. That bit works. The last grc to be drawn remains selected (this is by script) and one can move it around with arrow keys since there is a script to do so - basically the arrows will move any grc selected. So this proves the grcs are really there, not locked etc.

I have a button in a palette that selects the pointer tool. I check that the pointer tool is active during a mouseDown in the script of the card with the grcs on it, and just for safety, I re-choose the pointer tool in this script. The cursor looks like a pointer tool, but it doesn't act like one. The marquee you normally get on dragging doesn't appear, and I can't select any of the objects on the card by clicking. In fact this pointer tool is acting like the browse tool. The very odd fact about this is that this problem only surfaces in the standalone version of the program, not in the IDE. I'm using LC 6.1.2 since this morning, but the problem was there in earlier versions as well (this is on a Mac with Lion). The grcs have cantSelect off, etc, but anyway the marquee doesn't appear so really the tool has somehow become inactive. I guess I could fake it by working out if the mouse was in the rect of any of the grcs on the screen, but that seems a pretty crazy thing to have to do.

Can anyone say what can inhibit the pointer tool from doing its job? I've thought of cantModify and cantSelect, by the way.



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