Updating iOS apps

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Wed Oct 2 11:34:01 EDT 2013

Monte has a tool that integrates with testApp, which lets me notify my
users of updates.  Then I give the users a certain period of time before
the app locks them out if they don't update.

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Monte Goulding
<monte at sweattechnologies.com>wrote:

> On 02/10/2013, at 7:23 AM, Andrew Kluthe <andrew at ctech.me> wrote:
> > How is ad-hoc deployment handled on iOS with livecode? I recall something
> > on the list from some time ago about being able to deploy test code to
> > devices via dropbox.
> If it's not on the app store (you have an enterprise program or are using
> a development profile) then yes you can do this fine. However, you would
> still need to handle new versions of the engine or externals so in the end
> it might be simpler to use a service like test flight to rapidly notify of
> updates and distribute your app. The advantage of having some form of
> auto-updater though is that hotfixes can be automatically integrated rather
> than requiring users to do anything. Another option might be to disable
> your app until users install the latest version although if you're updating
> as frequently as you mention that would get pretty annoying... You possibly
> want some combination of both.
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