iOS Image/Sprite Animation?

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Thu Nov 28 17:21:15 EST 2013

Klaus is right.  "Value" is used to resolve the numbered property names
(uFrame1, uFrame2, etc).

It's been mentioned before -- the "text" property of images is not
intuitively named, but it's a property you can set to update an image's
contents, especially when changing both the imageData and alphaData

Also, make sure you don't have a typo occurring in your script: uIMAG vs


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On 11/28/13 1:19 PM, "Klaus major-k" <klaus at> wrote:

>Hi Roger,
>Am 28.11.2013 um 22:12 schrieb Roger Guay <irog at>:
>> Once again, I learn so much from your contributions, Scott. However I¹m
>>having trouble recreating your stack with my images.
>> After I
>> "set the uIMAG of image myImage to image myPng.png² (myPng.png is an
>>image I¹ve imported to the stack)
>set the uIMAG of image "myImage" to THE TEXT of image "myPng.png²
>> and then 
>> ³set text of image myImage to value(the uIMG of image myImage)², I get
>>nothing in image myImage. The image is still there but there¹s nothing
>>to see.
>Since you are testing this with only one image, don't use VALUE:
>set text of image "myImage" to the uIMG of image "myImage"
>> What am I missing, please? Is there something special about the images
>>that are stored?
>> Thanks and cheers,
>> Roger
>Klaus Major
>klaus at
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