Printing quality in 6.5

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Wed Nov 27 17:46:16 EST 2013

For what it's worth, this appears to be related to just this one 
aftermarket font. I did try building a standalone in 6.5 and printed 
from that and it seems to be fine, so it's this one font in the 6.5 IDE 
(and any PDFs I create from there). Works fine everywhere else. How 
weird is that? We'll see how it goes.

> I just printed to PDF and enlarged it, looked good, printed the PDF 
> not so good. This was done on Mavericks. So I then transferred the PDF 
> to a Snow Leopard machine and it prints fine, so it appears to be a 
> Mavericks issue. The weird thing is that printing from LC 6.1.3 on 
> Mavericks looks good.
> Marty
>> Hi Marty,
>> Just done a test and found no problems printing text or high res 
>> images on Mac OS X 10.8.5 to Epson R2000, I can't see any difference 
>> at all.
>> I also printed to PDF and compared enlarged PDFs, still no 
>> difference, in fact at max enlargement in Preview the text is still 
>> crisp indicating that LC printed the text as vector data not pixel data.
>> Paul
>> On 2013-11-27, at 1:11 PM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at> wrote:
>>> On 27.11.2013 22:33, Marty Knapp wrote:
>>>> I just did a quick test print on my Mac of a stack with a couple of 
>>>> fields with text in them. In LC 6.1.3 the text is nice and crisp 
>>>> but on 6.5 it's a bit pixelated - definitely lower quality. It 
>>>> looks like it's printing it as a graphic. Haven't tried it on 
>>>> Windows but this is not good news for me. Is anybody else seeing this?
>>>> Marty Knapp
>>> I don't quite understand how that can have happened.
>>> I thought that 6.1.3 was merged with 6.5.0; maybe not.
>>> Richmond.

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