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Roger Eller roger.e.eller at
Thu Nov 21 21:01:05 EST 2013

I don't see why your code isn't ok for both Mac and Windows.  It looks like
it would use the default image viewer.
On Nov 21, 2013 6:56 PM, "James Hurley" <jhurley0305 at> wrote:

> I need a little code translation for a program I am doing for a local
> school.
> It is a drawing program. After the drawing is complete, I need a way for
> the student to print and or save the  image.
> On the Mac that is easy. Take a snapshot of the rect containing the image,
> save it to disk, launch the file and it opens in Preview.
> And from Preview, the image can be printed or saves. Here is that in Mac
> speak.
> on mouseUp
>    ask "Please name this image." with "MyImage"
>    if it is "" then exit mouseUP
>    put "/" & it & ".png" into tName
>    put specialFolderPath ( "desktop") & tName Into tPathAndName
>    export snapshot from rect (rect of  graphic "oval") of this card  to
> file tPathAndName as PNG
>    launch document tPathAndName
> end mouseUp
> I need this for the PC as well. Is there an app on the PC that opens any
> PNG file  that is double clicked?
> Thanks,
> Jim Hurley
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