Differentiating a substack from a mainstack

Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Wed Nov 20 20:35:43 EST 2013

Thanks Mark, I wrote my last reply just as yours came in so yes, it
confirms what I saw in the IDE code.

Iwas hoping I could enter a bug report and suggest that the IDE code uses
the templateStack to set the mainstack, but when I tried that in a test
stack, I got an error on the "set the mainstack of the templatestack..."
statement so I guess the mainstack is not a real property of a stack, at
least in 5.5.4

Unfortunately, I need this for my lcStackBrowser plugin so I have no
control over setting the stack name.  I think I'll just have to tell users
to use the lcStackBrowser mechanism for creating new main/substacks - they
work better any way :-)

lcSQL Software <http://www.lcsql.com>

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Mark Wieder <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> wrote:

> Peter-
> Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 4:32:03 PM, you wrote:
> > Richard,
> > It feels like a bug to me although I think it's a timing issue more than
> > anything else.  It does however make it impossible to tell whether a
> newly
> > created stack is a main stack or a substack.
> I believe a newly-created stack *is* a mainstack. It only becomes a
> substack after the moment of creation when its mainstack/owner
> property is changed. But the actual stack creation mechanism is the
> same.
> Probably not going to help much, but if you set the name of the
> templatestack before creating a new stack, the stack name gets updated
> before openstack fires:
> set the name of the templatestack to "minnie"
> new stack "haha"
> -- stack "miniie" gets created,
> -- and then its name gets set to "haha"
> ...sorry... I did all my testing from script rather than from the
> menubar.
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> -Mark Wieder
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