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Wed Nov 20 16:20:55 EST 2013

Hi Lars,

All the stupid version updates to things make a mess of this all the time.
I have the same problem.  I have to update everything and reconfigure
things constantly.  The information on how to do this is spread out all
over the place and much of that information is old and outdated.
Apple has created a nightmare for all developers.  We sure wish they
would make things easier!

I’m also looking for the answers.  Let’s keep writing about what we



On Nov 20, 2013, at 4:02 PM, Lars Brehmer <larsbrehmer at> wrote:

> Who can help me out here?
> Until recently had Xcode 4.4.1 as the mobile support. This worked fine with the iPad simulator and building iOS standalones. When I upgraded to Xcode 5 (now I have 5.0.2) I couldn't get the simulator to work and couldn't make iOS standalones. This surely has to do with the SDK's and other componentsthat need to be installed. I never figured it out and eventually made 4.4.1 the mobile suport again, but I guess installing Xcode 5 changed some SDK files and components. Now using 4.4.1 again I can at least make the iOS standalones, but I can't use the simulator.
> I only use Xcode as LiveCode mobile support and and have no idea how to use it for anything else or how to work with it.
> Can anyone tell me what I need to do to restore Xcode 4.4.1's componentsetc. so I can use the simulator again? Or better yet, how do I set up Xcode 5.02 to use as mobile support (simulator & standalones?) 
> For one thing, when assigning 4.4.1 as mobile support in the liveCode, you just navigate to the app itself, and choose it but with 5.0.2, when I select the app it says it isn't a valid SDK. I have no idea how to find the SDK and I don't know whether it even resides on my mac.
> It is very time consuming to test dozens of changes when each time I must save the standalone, delete the old app from the iPad, delete the old app from iTunes, import the new app into iTunes and sync with the iPad - very tedious indeed, and I've done it 150 times in the last 5 days! So any tips are greatly appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Lars
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