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Mon Nov 18 10:17:32 EST 2013

To me these are both useful (resolution Independence and Full screen mode) but not nearly as useful as a ‘working’ geometry manager would be based on percentages and ratios would be. It’s nice having LC controls drawn correctly, but I don’t use many of the LC controls in iOS apps. SO that means that all of my embedded images in my custom controls need to either have custom resizing handlers (as they do now) or I need to re-create all of my controls as referenced images to take advantage of these helpful additions to LC. 

When I develop for iOS I also develop for seven different sizes and even more for Android. How is RI handling those?? I haven’t yet used it for the full graph of sizes.


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On Nov 18, 2013, at 6:51 AM, Colin Holgate <coiin at> wrote:

> For iOS there’s just normal and @2x, but the full list is seven different sizes. You can have custom graphics for lots of different DPI devices.
> But, that’ only one part of the problem. You still have to cope with different screen sizes and ratios. That’s where the full screen modes come into their own. At least for certain kinds of apps.
> On Nov 18, 2013, at 5:59 AM, Nakia Brewer <Nakia.Brewer at> wrote:
>>> This sounds great! I bet the folks developing for Android will be especially happy....
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