AW: is it safe to hardwire the "downloads" folder?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Nov 18 10:03:30 EST 2013

Hi Richard and Roger,

thank you for your insights.
I was wondering if that’s not a very common issue, so it is always valuable
to get other thoughts.
Now I think I can stay with the temp folder and don't care about how it
would look more "sophisticated"

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> Betreff: Re: is it safe to hardwire the "downloads" folder?
> Tiemo Hollmann wrote:
> > I am looking for the best folder to download updates for my program on
> > win and mac.
> The good news is that the friendly constants LiveCode provides for access
> to special folders is only a subset of the most commonly-used ones.  Ken
> Ray took the time to document many others that can be used on both OS X
> Windows:
> <>
> The bad news is that I don't see the Downloads folder among them, nor
> I turn it up in Apple's docs.
> It may be that no constant for Downloads was defined for the Carbon API,
> it wouldn't be accessible to us until that part of the LC engine is
> for Cocoa.
> Or it may be that it's simply documented in a place I couldn't find. :)
> If you can find it, use it.  If not, I'd probably opt for a different
> folder just to be save.
> If this is a file you want the user to interact with, then you may want to
> risk hard-wiring "Downloads", or use the Desktop folder.
> If it's only for your app to draw from to update itself, most
> apps use a temp folder, which may be a good idea here since tmp gets
> cleaned by the system between sessions in case anything goes wrong and
> app doesn't have a chance to clean up after itself.
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