Skia the 2D Graphics Library to render Livecode stacks

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 18 09:29:53 EST 2013

Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> After reading about Skia, the 2D Graphics Library used
> in LiveCode 6.5 to render Livecode stacks, I keep
> wondering if LiveCode developers will have access
> to all the features provided by Skia. For example:
> - 3x3 matrices w/ perspective
> - antialiasing, transparency, filters
> - shaders, xfermodes, maskfilters, patheffects
> - subpixel text
> Device backends for Skia currently include:
> - Raster
> - OpenGL
> - PDF
> - XPS
> - Picture (for recording and then playing back into another Canvas)
> All these are Skia's features listed from this page:

Thanks for that info, Alejandro.  I'd previously overlooked that Skia is 
playing a key role in LC going forward, but it's quite an exciting prospect.

One of the things that caught my eye there is the PDF support, as 
requests for LC to be able to render PDFs natively come up frequently.

Has anyone here heard even hints from RunRev about possible future 
support for PDF?

Any clue as to how difficult that may be for third parties to integrate?

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