Skia the 2D Graphics Library to render Livecode stacks

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Nov 17 14:37:16 EST 2013

Hi All,

After reading about Skia, the 2D Graphics Library used
in LiveCode 6.5 to render Livecode stacks, I keep
wondering if LiveCode developers will have access
to all the features provided by Skia. For example:

- 3x3 matrices w/ perspective
- antialiasing, transparency, filters
- shaders, xfermodes, maskfilters, patheffects
- subpixel text 

Device backends for Skia currently include:

- Raster
- OpenGL
- Picture (for recording and then playing back into another Canvas)  

All these are Skia's features listed from this page:

Tell me if I am understanding correctly the scope and new possibilities
offered by these new features:

Subpixel Text 
Does this means that every visible element in a stack (including images and
vector graphics) will be smoothly rendered at any size and scale factor?

3x3 matrices w/ perspective
Does this means that we could render every visible element in a stack
at any size, rotated, slanted, inverted and in perspective?

OpenGL render device
Does this means that we could have an openGL windows inside
our stacks?

Thanks in advance!


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