jumpy scroll

John john at onechip.com
Sun Nov 17 14:11:31 EST 2013

	I was hoping to wrap up an application today and I ran into a snag.  When the user selects “Users guide” from the “Help” menu, I open a substack that has one card.  That card has a scrolling text field which contains the users guide.  The text field contains styled text with images (the images were included by setting the imageSource of a character).  Other than a simple resize handler and dealing things like the shutDownRequest, there are no scripts in the substack.

	Now to the weird part.  When I run out of the IDE, using the mouse scroll wheel over the substack results in smooth scrolling.  When the app is built, using the mouse scroll wheel results in very jumpy (perhaps a dozen text lines at a time) and erratic scrolling.  It looks really bad.

	I assume I am missing something obvious.  Does anyone know what it is?  I am using 6.1.3.

Thanks in advance,

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