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Fri Nov 15 02:35:43 EST 2013

On 15/11/13 03:30, Andrew Kluthe wrote:
> On the system with a fresh 12.04 lts installation the fonts are huge and
> the colors are very offputting.
> On linux mint running cinnamon, things seem to be running nicely, but with
> stock ubuntu 12.04 lts the colors are awful. On windows I recall there is a
> way to set the style of the theming to something very basic and not use the
> new windows 7 or eight themes. Is there not something similar on linux that
> will let me just turn the themeing off without having to in and change so
> much of my program.
> Link to a Screenshot is below.
>  -- Ubuntu 12.04

Stock Ubuntu is fairly awful aesthetically; that's why I run XFCE with 
the Shiki-Wise theme.


> On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 3:33 PM, Richard Gaskin
> <ambassador at>wrote:
>> Andrew Kluthe wrote:
>>   Is there anyway I can remove the theming that livecode applications
>>> inherit
>>> from the system on linux?
>>> We have a stand alone that was designed for windows and when I stick that
>>> on a fresh-out-the-can ubuntu 12.04 the fonts, buttons etc are incredibly
>>> ugly. All of my buttons turn orange and the fonts as a whole get very
>>> large. Some of these things like the fonts I know will have to be reworked
>>> for the linux verson but I can hardly stand all of my buttons being orange
>>> by default.
>>> Is there a way to turn off livecode doing this kind of theming of my apps?
>> By default, LiveCode does a pretty good job of adopting the themes on
>> whatever OS it's running on:  Windows looks like Windows, Mac looks like
>> Mac, and Ubuntu looks like Ubuntu.
>> If you want to make a Mac app look like Ubuntu, or an Ubuntu app look like
>> Windows, you can explicitly set the properties you want to change.
>> For example, Ubuntu users are accustomed to seeing the OS theme color
>> orange for highlights, but you can set the hiliteColor of controls to
>> something else if you want.
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