More on Resolution Independence

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Nov 14 23:07:56 EST 2013

Some of the email posted tonight was a good excuse to dive deeper into new
resolution independence stuff, and I'm wondering if anyone can explain the
"recommended" development process here.

As a test, I have a stack that I create at 320x480 pixels on a desktop
system.  With no special properties or functions applied, the stack
*appears* to open at those same dimensions on an iPhone 4 (as reported by
the rect of the card).  But in reading the 6.5 docs, I don't know if what
I'm seeing is an auto-scaled view that is being *reported* as 320x480, or
is actually a "natural density" 320x480.

I tried including an imported (non-referenced) image to see if I can
determine any difference at the 320x480 size and I couldn't -- the image
displays on the device at the same proportions as in LiveCode on the
desktop.  Which makes me believe that there's no auto-scaling taking
place, since I'm not using a referenced image.

When I add iPhoneUseDeviceResolution true upon opening the card, I then
get the expected 640x960 view with controls proportionally smaller to

If the scaling process is supposed to be "invisible", how can we verify
that a stack and its contents are are being properly auto-scaled and
taking advantage of the higher resolution?  Or am I missing a property
setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion.

Best Regards,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

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