Loading images for use with LC6.5 and resolution independance

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Thu Nov 14 17:55:01 EST 2013

On 15/11/2013, at 9:50 AM, Andrew Henshaw <henshaw at me.com> wrote:

> Ive always loaded images onto stacks simply by clicking import as control and the image appearing on the stack, it makes design and layout nice and easy!
> With 6.5 and the resolution independence the release notes say to create different resolution images for different platforms (which I understand),  but how should these be loaded,  or where should they be placed?
> Is there a way to load a 1x image into the stack so I can still lay out the stack etc,  and have the 2x etc images in a img folder under the application and have these loaded automatically depending on the devices resolution,  or do I need to load them in a different way.

Put them in a relative path to your stack file... for mApp I've implemented a library using a folder named images next to the stackFile. Then use the Import Referenced Control menu rather than the other one.


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