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Hi Peter,

I have tried the sample but GetDataForLine does not seem to get called when you use a Table, only when Form is used.
Do you know if there is some way you can populate a Table DataGrid from a cursor in a similar manor?


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Hi Mats,
The best way to deal with this for good performance is by using the
datagrid dgNumberOfRecords property.  Take a look at the "Advanced Options"
section of the datagrid manual for more information and a link for a sample
stack to download.

I've used this technique a couple of times and it works well for large
amounts of data.  However, it's a bit tricky to implement since the
datagrid stops using it's internal storage areas and the usual methods for
getting data out of the datagrid (dgData,dgText) all return empty.  Plus
there are some not-so-obvious things you have to deal with yourself, for
example you have to write your own sort handlers.


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