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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Nov 12 17:15:47 EST 2013

Monte Goulding wrote:

 > I'm doing some work with Trevor on Clarify 2 and I learned something
 > I thought I'd share:
 > Apparently multi-dimensional array keys can be specified using a
 > numerically indexed array as a path. Here's an example:
 > put "hello" into tTest[1][2]
 > put  1,2 into tPath
 > split tPath by comma
 > put tTest[tPath] = "hello" -- true
 > Apparently this was in some release notes from long ago. I can't see
 > anywhere in the dictionary it might be. If anyone knows where it's
 > documented in current docs then I won't send a docs bug about it. Is
 > there a general discussion of arrays anywhere?

The team has been doing a much better job of moving info from the 
Release Notes into the main docs, but many details from the past, like 
this gem and some of the critically important new field features, are 
lost to those who don't keep all the Release Notes for every new build 
that comes out.

It would seem a worthy effort for the team to have someone spend one day 
going through all release notes back to v2.7 and make sure everything 
they cover is in the current docs.

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