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Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Mon Nov 11 19:10:02 CET 2013

I have run into this very problem.  No, the token is not forevermore, but
Apple won't tell you when it's changed, and if you reference the old token,
it will still work.

The most common way that a token gets replaced is when a device gets wiped.

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at>wrote:

> on mouseUp
>  put mobileGetDeviceToken() into field "PNSResult"
>      put field "PNSResult" into tTest
>        put 1 into i
>        repeat while i<= the number of characters in tTest
>                if char i of tTest is not in "0123456789abcdefABCDEF" then
>                        delete char i of tTest
>                else -- char i of me is hex
>                        add 1 to i
>                end if -- char i is not in.....
>        end repeat --while i<= the number of characters in me
>      if char 1 of tTest is "<" then delete char 1 of tTest
>      if last char of tTest is ">" then delete last char of tTest
>      put tTest into field  “PNSResult"
> end mouseUp
> SO the token returned from this script from a few weeks ago is different
> than what this returns today.???? wtf…. But more importantly it changed
> from this morning and later this afternoon. I have three different IDs from
> the same device….
> Is mobileGetDeviceToken() supposed to be consistent to the device???? No
> matter what???? or When????
> Tom
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