How To Send Before?

Phil Davis revdev at
Sun Nov 10 18:54:47 EST 2013

Maybe this in a frontScript handler?

local sMouseDownInProgress = false

before mouseDown
     if sMouseDownInProgress
     then exit to top
     else put true into sMouseDownInProgress

     send "myPreMousedownStuff" to the target in -1.0 seconds
     send "mouseDown" to the target in -0.5 seconds
     send "clearMouseDownFlag" to me in 0 seconds
     exit to top
end mouseDown

command clearMouseDownFlag
     put false into sMouseDownInProgress
end clearMouseDownFlag

This is a guess.

On 11/10/13, 3:31 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Now that we have the before/after additions to mouse events and chained
> behaviors, how does one send or dispatch "before mouseDown"
> In a control's behavior, I have a "before mouseDown" handler that I want
> to trigger from a "before mouseDoubleDown" handler.  But there doesn't
> seem to be any way to send a mouse event in a before state (instead, the
> standard "mouseDown" message gets sent).
> Can this be done?
> The problem I'm trying to solve is mouseDown not getting sent/trapped when
> a control is repeatedly pressed very quickly.  Using mouseDoubleDown to
> call mouseDown is a way to address this issue, but as I said, there
> doesn't seem to be any way send the mouseDown message "before" the normal
> mouseDown.
> Any ideas?
> (I tried using Jacque's time machine routine but it keeps sending my stack
> back to the point before I tried to send the before message.)
> Thanks & Regards,
> Scott Rossi
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> Tactile Media, UX/UI Design
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