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Are you starting with a checkbox? I do not see what you do. The box stays on the left. 6.1.2


set the labelWidth of btn "Swasti" to 100

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On 9.11.2013 21:14, Brahmanathswami wrote:
> I was sure there was a time that one could make a check box align to 
> the right of the button label, instead of the default, which is a 
> check box with the button's text to it's right. But today I'm unable 
> to make that happen. Any clues?
> Swasti Astu, Be Well!
> Brahmanathaswami
> Kauai's Hindu Monastery


try this:

with a button that has NO label (which will seem a bit odd when you see 
the code)
i.e. you will be able to shift the NAME of the checkbox, NOT the label:

Let's assume that your button "Swasti"
has a name that is 40 pixels wide:

so, try this in your messageBox:

set the labelWidth of btn "Swasti" to 100

and, hey presto; your Checkbox name should have been shifted over to the 
left of the check box.


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