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Mon Nov 4 06:50:59 EST 2013


I am thinking about starting a regular blog that will focus on making games with
LiveCode. If I go ahead, it would be partially just for my own satisfaction.

But it will probably be more work than I imagine, and so I am wondering what
level of interest there is? If there is lots then I am more likely to try and
make it happen.

Note, the blog won't be about First Person Shooters, or the next Need For Speed
clone as these do not play to the strengths of LiveCode.

More like "Indie" style games that keep things simple, to make them achievable.
With graphics in 2D, (or 2.5D?) and a retro, classic feel. Hey, some may not use
graphics (shock!) and be text based.

Are you interested in using LiveCode to make games?

I am just thinking about this, so any and all comments will be appreciated.
Comments either way, whether "that's interesting", or "you'll be wasting your
time" will be welcome and carefully tallied.

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