Calling all Linux users (was Stacks resizing on Ubuntu?)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Nov 1 10:19:07 EDT 2013

A few days ago I wrote:

> I've started seeing an oddity with LiveCode 6.1.2 on Ubuntu 13.10 in
> which stacks are resizing, with a little extra space at the bottom of
> some stacks roughly the same height as the top panel.
> Anyone else seeing this?
> It's not persistent, and I'm still pinning down a recipe, but if any of
> you have details to share please do and I'll include it with my report.

Since then I've been able to pin down a recipe:  the problem occurs 
whenever a stack is re-opened but has not been purged from memory in the 
interim.  In such cases, when the stack is re-opened it's shortened by 
29 pixels - details in the RQCC:

I'm not seeing this on Mac or Windows, so it would be very helpful if 
any others here using Linux could test this with whatever distro you're 
using and add your results to that RQCC report, which should help us 
determine if this is a Gnome thing, an Ubuntu thing, or something else.

The sample stack and recipe provided in the report should make it easy 
to reproduce.

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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