Continuing a script after cloning a stack

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu May 23 15:27:36 EDT 2013

I think you could do something like this:
clone this stack
set the name of this stack to "my new stack"
go stack "my previously only stack"

use lock screen and/or "go hidden" respectively "hide stack" to reduce screen flickering.

On 23.05.2013, at 21:12, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I have a script that clones a substack, followed by some other commands to
> rename the cloned substack and set it's mainstack.  As soon as the clone
> command is issued, control passes to the cloned stack and the rest of my
> script is ignored.
> That's pretty much expected behavior but I'm wondering if there are any
> tricks that would allow my script to continue processing or perhaps some
> other method of duplicating a stack.  I tried copying the stack to the
> clipboard followed by a paste but control passed to the new
> stack immediately after the paste.
> Pete
> lcSQL Software <>
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