Continuing a script after cloning a stack

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Thu May 23 15:24:34 EDT 2013

My guess is something in its scripts (or some backscript) results in an 'exit to top'
Have you tried surrounding the clone command with a 'lock messages' / 'unlock messages' pair?
If you still need 'preOpenStack' and related messages to run afterwards, you'd have to 'send' them individually afterwards.

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Subject: Continuing a script after cloning a stack

I have a script that clones a substack, followed by some other commands to
rename the cloned substack and set it's mainstack.  As soon as the clone
command is issued, control passes to the cloned stack and the rest of my
script is ignored.

That's pretty much expected behavior but I'm wondering if there are any
tricks that would allow my script to continue processing or perhaps some
other method of duplicating a stack.  I tried copying the stack to the
clipboard followed by a paste but control passed to the new
stack immediately after the paste.

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