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Robert Mann rman at
Thu May 23 08:20:14 EDT 2013

Thanks for the warning, I re-checked as following :-- tried to upLoad as txt,
bin or mapped-- then checked by launching the stacks from Interarchy, with
the open with option i regularly use for working with stack files on
on-rev.=> indeed the save as txt format proved.. bad! crashes LC6 on load
such a file!The standard mode save with "file mapping" of Interachy does
save stacks in binary mode on the server, so that is fine.There may be
something though : when I try to get to a stack saved in the wrong "txt"
mode with the go stack URL command, i get the msg "stack is corrupted"
instead of "Hi you crashed me on the server!!" msg!Could there be a problem
somewhere with mime type?here are 2 test stacks i use : drawings.livecode
and the testing one : goStackURL.livecode
I also re-tested the save in legacy format, but does not help.And checked if
there was an appleEvent call with contribution from jan Schenkel [apple
Event & path normalizer routine]
But no apple Event seem to fire up.(I remembered there was a problem with
apple leopard - and YES i'm using LEOPARD 10.7.4) [file opening bug on max
os x and rev 4.0]

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