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Tue May 21 13:59:43 EDT 2013

The knockout option determines whether the shape of the target object is
subtracted from the underlying dropshadow effect.  In general, knockout is
better disabled because a feint halo of card color can seep through the
region where the dropshadow meets the object.  You may want to enable
knockout when your source object is translucent, so the dropshadow "stops"
at the edges of the object.

Innerglow can either begin from the center of the target object, or from
the "edge".

tmEffects doesn't include control settings for these (esoteric) options to
save space, but you can define default values for all effects settings in
the card script of the palette.


Scott Rossi
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On 5/21/13 10:30 AM, "Peter Haworth" <pete at> wrote:

>There are a couple of graphic effects parms in the Inspector that aren't
>documented in the dictionary.
>The dropShadow effect has a "knockout" parm which is a checkbox in the IDE
>inspector.  The innerGlow effect has a "source" parm which is an option
>menu in the IDE inspector but always seems to be disabled.  Looking at the
>array for innerGlow, it has a value of "edge"
>Any clues as to what these mystery parms might be?
>I'm also having problems with the Inspecotr Graphic Effects tab in that
>parameters for all the effects except dropshadow are always disabled, even
>though the effect is applied.  A good reason to use Scott's recent
>tmEffects palette I guess!
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