ziperr,illegal variable

Martin Baxter mblivecode at
Tue May 21 07:56:42 EDT 2013

When I run this in version 4.5.0:

on mouseUp

   put "/var/www/htdocs/ug/" into tobjpath
   revZipOpenArchive tobjpath, "write"
   put "1) " & the result & return after msg

   put "doodah" into tdataxxx
   put "mimetype" into tparamxxx

   revZipAddUncompressedItemWithData tobjpath, tparamxxx, tdataxxx
   put "2) " & the result & return after msg

   revZipCloseArchive tobjpath

end mouseUp

No archive is created and the message box ends up with this in it:

2) ziperr,illegal variable

The problem seems to be tdataxxx. If I comment out the line:
# put "doodah" into tdataxxx

the archive is created successfully containing a file called mimetype
but which contains the literal string "tdataxxx"

Can anyone shed any light on this?

BTW revZipAddItemWithData behaves the same

Martin Baxter

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