automated iOS rejection: Non-public API usage

Dave Kilroy2 dave at
Thu May 16 03:56:47 EDT 2013

Mark Waddingham just posted this on Bug 10895:

Hi all,

Just an update on this issue.

The 'non-public API' usage error is caused because the engine still has a
linkage to the 'systemIdentifier' device property which Apple are now
scanning for in their automated tests before an app goes into review. Even
though your apps may not use the functionality Apple assumes they do because
that link is present.

We've done the initial work on this and are just testing internally to make
sure it is resolved. As soon as we are happy that it is we will post the
necessary files and instructions so that all of you can resubmit your apps.

This change will then be rolled into both a 6.0.2 release, *and* we will
back-port the change (on this occasion) to 5.5.x and do a 5.5.5 release.

Warmest Regards,


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