automated iOS rejection: Non-public API usage

Dave Kilroy dave at
Thu May 16 03:11:50 EDT 2013

Hi Michael

There is a section to the website where we can report bugs and get updates as to how progress is going on fixing them. As you are fairly new to LiveCode you may not have yet gone through the process of getting Heather to set up an account for you there (at least that was the process I had to go through).
The bug number is 10895 and what follows are a couple of extracts of postings I made there on Tuesday:
"Today I talked with Michael McCreary (of RunRev) who told me it was likely the engine (that was the problem) and that he would be in touch with people signed up to this bug with news of an early release of the engine so we can get our apps submitted."
"Michael was really nice about it and said he would try to get us something early next week"
So, if you can't get to add yourself to the list on the bug page I suggest you email support at asking to be included in any send out of an early build that fixes bug 10895

As far as I can tell there around 8 of us in the same situation … if the problem was with submitting to Android we could (if we had the skills) make a fork on GitHub of the engine and remove the offending references to UDID - but we can't submit apps to the app store with community edition so as far as I know we just have to wait for RunRev to get us that early build of the engine.

Kind regards


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