ID caching: how to test?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 10 22:11:10 EDT 2013

The Release Notes for v6 include:

   ID caching (6.0 DP 2)
   New global property – allowDatagramBroadcasts (6.0 DP 2)
   A new global property allowDatagramBroadcasts has been added. This
   needs to be set to true before sending to a broadcast address
   (enables the per-socket flag for whether they are allowed).
   The engine now caches lookups of control references of the form
   “card id ...” and “control id ...”.
   This speeds up any access using those forms after the first time,
   turning an operation that would be completed in linear time into
   one that will be completed in constant time.

I'm not clear on the syntax, so I've been unable to benchmark the 
performance boost.

Anyone here have a sample of ID caching in action?

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