Context Menus - the look of the thing

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu May 9 04:32:23 EDT 2013

I've never built a context menu up to now, and I'm struggling a bit. I have made it work with the aid of the LC docs, but my popup doesn't look exactly like a conventional menu. I need to know which font, style and size are needed, and the exact spacing (the size of the underlying buttons and the text margins). As this is a cross-platform desktop app, I need to know these for both Mac and Windows. Here the LC docs don't help AFAICS. Of course I can do it by experiment but there are a heck of a lot of fonts.

Can anyone who's already done it tell me exactly how to configure context menus to look like native controls?



PS - the LC docs tell one to set the individual buttons' autoArm and armBorder properties to true. I had to do this with the LC Message Box because I couldn't find these properties in any other way. I naively thought that in LC 6.0.1 you can reveal (and therefore set) all properties of an object. Was I wrong?

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