Array Looping to Insert into Database

Graham Pearson gspearson at
Wed May 8 09:38:48 EDT 2013

Array Experts

In my application that I am converting from Adobe Air, I have come to a
section where Google has let me down. I have converted my XML File to an
Array and can see it within the Debugger and parts of the array is
listed below.

            BTALatitude   27-29-40.1-N
            BTALongitude  81-24-59.3-W
            CallSign      WNC905
            City          Sebring
            State         FL
              ID          1
       Market[2] etc.

The application pulls the XML File from a Web Service that generates it
on the fly. The application on first run checks to make sure the
database exists and records are within it. At this point no records are
retrieved from the database so I am struggling with how to take this
array and insert each record of the array into the database.

Or is their a command/function that I can use after

put revCreateXMLTree(gClientAvailableMarketsXMLData, false, true, false)
into tAvailableMarketData

that will give me just the Market part of the XML data so then I can
create the array which will simply list the Market[1] directly under the
gAvailableMarketDataArray which will make it easier to insert the array
into the sqlite database.

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