Finding orphaned "put"

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Mon May 6 18:39:26 EDT 2013

Alex Tweedly <alex at ...> writes:

> Having had the great idea of keeping this info, someone should have said
>     "let's keep that info for *every* line (actually, every section) of 
> output in the msg box"

I like the idea. As currently written, there's a single system property
called "revmessageboxlastobject" that contains three items:

long id, handler, line number

Unfortunately, since it's a system property it's part of the engine and so a
scripted workaround won't work. It would be nice to have an array instead.

> and then have the "target" button take you to the line number in the 
> script for any specified line.

Well, it sort of does, but instead of the line number in the property being
the actual line number in the text it's the line number inside the handler.
So the button takes you to the wrong line in the script unless you happen to
be dealing with the first handler in the script and there's nothing (no
empty lines, etc.) before it. I like it as a proof of concept, though.

 Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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