Weird script behavior

Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Thu May 2 11:50:58 EDT 2013


I've started to experience some weird stuff in the script editor.

Using LC 5.0

1. Adding a breakpoint shows a grey dot with a red outline instead of the fully red dot and running scripts don't stop at that point. If I turn on "Script debug mode" it works, but I haven't had to do that before.

2. Editing a script makes "put" show as an error with this kind of description:
button "Go To Stack": compilation error at line 2 (Chunk: can't create a variable with that name (explicitVariables?)) near "maxH", char 12

Where I'm doing just:
	put 676 into maxH

Do I need to reinstall?

Peter Bogdanoff

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