Password protection in non-commercial 6.0.1

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu May 2 03:31:15 EDT 2013

On 05/02/2013 12:55 AM, Timothy Miller wrote:
> On May 1, 2013, at 2:44 PM, Mike Bonner wrote:
>> If its 6.0.1 commercial you should be able to. But of course if its 6.0.1
>> commercial it should have been able to open it to begin with. If its the
>> community version the answer would be no, that part of things has been
>> removed.
> Not commercial :(
> For many years, I have depended on password protection of this stack and it will be a pain to get along without it. I am not a commercial user. My stacks are for my own use only.

Well, if they are for your own use only, you don't need password protection

[ Wow, I just had a vision of somebody with a split personality, where 
Dr Jekyll password protects stacks to prevent Mr Hyde mucking around 
with them ]

> Is LiveCode turning its back on users like me? Will I regret my modest contribution to the kickstarter fund?

Livecode is not turning its back on anyone, and it was made explicitly 
clear during the campaign that there would be no password protection 
available in the OSS version of their product.

In fact Livecode is doing quite the opposite, it is stripping itself 
naked in front of us all, and one
can think of password protection as the fig-leaf if one wants; tose of 
us who don't want to let the world
see our 'prawns' can buy the commercial version.

AND, if that is not clear all you have to do is about 15 minutes 
research on the internet as to what constitutes Open Source Software.

I donated my "widow's mite" having read all the small print (think Gene 
Wilder in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and if you didn't you, 
quite frankly, have only yourself to blame.

I was well aware that my donation would bring me no direct benefits 
(unless a blue badgey thing in the forums is what thrills your gorilla), 
but was also aware that the long-term benefits are enormous.


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