how to "check" a entry in a statusiconmenu

Paul Hibbert lc at
Thu May 2 11:04:38 EDT 2013

Hi Mattias,

Not too sure this will help, but I came up against a similar problem with option menus on Win, so figured out a way to do what I needed by code, maybe you can adapt this for your use…


local sHist,sMenuText,sLabel

on mouseDown
   lock screen -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stops the label momentarily changing on mouseDown
   put the menuHistory of me into sHist -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So we know where we are coming from
   put the label of me into sLabel --  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So we can re-use it later
   put the text of me into sMenuText --  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So we can manipulate it later
end mouseDown

on menuPick pItemName
   if char 1 of pItemName = "*" then  -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check to see if the user chose a disabled item
      lock messages --  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So we can control the outcome without unexpected results
      set the menuHistory of me to sHist -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Returns the menuHistory back to the required state
      set the label of me to sLabel --  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Give the user correct feedback
      unlock messages
      exit menuPick -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't need to go any further
      replace "*" with "" in sMenuText -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remove any previous choice
      put word 2 of the selectedLine of me into tLine -- ~ Identify the new choice
      put "*" before line tLine of sMenuText -- ~~~~~~~~~~ Mark the new choice
      set the text of me to sMenuText -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update the Menu Text
      set the menuHistory of me to tLine -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update the menuHistory
      set the label of me to pItemName -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Give the user some feedback
   end if
   unlock screen
   answer pItemName -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now we can do something with the user choice
end menuPick

==End Code==


On 2013-05-02, at 3:45 AM, Matthias Rebbe wrote:

> Hi,
> for an app in Windows i am using the StatusIconMenu feature, which works really well.
> But i would like to place a checkmark or an icon before an entry in that menu.
> Is this possible? Tried with the special character "!c" to get the entry displayed as checked. But that did not
> work. Maybe i am doing something wrong. 
> Any idea?
> Regards,
> Matthias
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