Stack won't open in 6.0.1

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Wed May 1 17:09:24 EDT 2013

My stack won't open in 6.0.1. It's fine in 5.5.4.

The stack is password protected, but not because of a substack like AE. It's just password protected.

I thought of opening the stack in 5.5.4, to turn off the password protection. I kludged that by trial and error, by trying to look at a script, got prompted for the password, and entered it. That unlocked the stack, but when I close the stack and re-open it, it's protected again. I'm not sure if there's a script somewhere that restores password protection, or whether that's the way password protection works.

I can't find the password-protected property in the stack inspector, can't remember the relevant keywords and can't find anything useful in the dictionary under "password."

Please advise.

Once I am able to turn off password protection, open the stack in 6.0.1, can I restore password protection? Will I have to change any critical scripts?

Never too old to be a newbie. I tried to RTI. Honest.

Thanks in advance.

Timothy Miller

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